Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance

  • This is not money circulation concept,

  • This is a products based online buying and referal business,

  • Ready made Garments online shopping,

  • Ladies wear,Gents wear,Kids wear available, all are quality garments,

  • Get discount up to 30%,

  • This is 100% Legal business,

  • No investment,

  • No risk.

  • No Liability,

  • No forced business.

Garments get with bill, Free Home Delivery,

Reffaral Income Plan

  • Buy Rs.1100/- Garments with bill get life time membership, no renual fee,

Start with 2 Referals

  • Get 4 types of Incomes.
  • Level equal income up 20 levels-(Rs.250) Daily 15 level match business income,

  • Royalty income ( company will share 5% off company profite to all eligible holders)

  • Royalty level equal income up to 15 levels only(Rs.200)

  • Regenarate level equal income up to 20 levels(Rs.250)

Regenarate Income

  • 5% deducts from member profite for regenarate membership, when 5% complete Rs.1000, member will get regenarate membership with same name , all regenarate members will come this down, again will get 20 levels equal level incomes level match equal income Rs.250/-,

Royalty Income

  • Who are compplete 2 levels the member will eigibel entry in to royalty club, who will get 1 level match in Royalty club, from that time the member will get royalty income, and level equal incomes(Rs.200/-) will get up to 15 levels,
  • Who gets 1:1 match in Royalty club, they must refer or repurchage monthly once, then will get Royaly incomes.


  • TDS-5%, with out pan card 10%
  • Admin charge-10%
  • For Regenarate membership-5%